Our Story

Kirk DeVerle Hoth is the owner and manager of Juniper Take Out, Inc.  He began working in the restaurant business with his father in 1974 when they opened DeVerle’s Juniper Inn in Hyde Park, Utah.  After returning from an LDS mission in 1980, Kirk began managing the family restaurant.  Ten years later, Kirk decided to leave the family business and open his own restaurant in Logan, Utah.

On January 29, 1991, Juniper Take Out opened for business in the Albertson’s shopping plaza.  Being a small facility it was strictly a “take out” restaurant, but the good people of Cache Valley were very supportive.

As business increased, so did the need for increased square footage.  In 1993, Juniper Take Out doubled in size expanding to include seating for casual dining.  Business continued to increase and the need for another expansion was clear.  Finally in 2005, more square footage was acquired and a total makeover began.  We hope that our devoted patrons are happy with the new look and feel of Juniper Take Out & Restaurant, and that many new customers will find out what the rest of the valley is talking about.

You may wonder what makes Juniper Take Out & Restaurant so unique. We are in a class of our own. We are not a fast food restaurant, nor are we full service.

We combine the best of both. We use only the best quality ingredients. We cut and grind our own meats. We use our own recipes for our rolls, cookies, brownies, cakes, house cheescake, sauces, salads, gravies, potatoes, soups and more. We fry only in 100% canola oil. Our chicken is boiled (not deep-fat-cooked) then breaded and quick fried in canola oil to brown the breading. Your order will take longer than a fast food restaurant because we do not begin preparing your meal until you order it. But we think you will agree, that the wait is well worth the quality you receive. Good old fashioned home style cooking!