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You may wonder what makes Juniper Take Out & Restaurant so unique. We are in a class of our own. We are not a fast food restaurant, nor are we full service. We combine the best of both. We use only the best quality ingredients. We cut and grind our own meats. We use our own recipes for our rolls, cookies, brownies, cakes, house cheesecake, sauces, salads, gravies, potatoes, soups and more fried only in 100% canola oil. Our chicken is boiled (not deep-fat-cooked) then breaded, quick fried in canola oil to brown the breading and Topped with our signature house seasoning, DeVerle's All Purpose Seasoning. Your order will take longer than a fast food restaurant because we do not begin preparing your meal until you order it. But we think you will agree, that the wait is well worth the quality you receive. Good old fashioned home style cooking.

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